Trial – Berzosertib can neutralize the cancer’s ability to repair itself

Berzosertib – Trial Rational

Berzosertib is the first to be studied of a new family of treatments. These drugs block a protein involved in DNA repair, “ATR kinase”. Blocking this protein prevents cancers from mending damage to their cells.

Berzosertib is able to target cancer cells without affecting other healthy cells.

Chemotherapy works by damaging cancer cells’ DNA, so using it in together with Berzosertib appears to give a greater benefit.

Trial NCT02157792

M6620 (Berzosertib) First in Human Study was what is known as a “Phase I” trial. Phase I trial is only designed to test the safety of a treatment.

Berzosertib was administered in combination with chemotherapy or as monotherapy.

Participants enrolled had metastatic or unresectable cancer and for which standard treatments do not exist or are no longer effective.

Trial Results 

More than half of the 40 patients given Berzosertib alone had the growth of their cancers halted.

Berzosertib was even more effective when given alongside chemotherapy.

Further trials will be needed to demonstrate the drug’s effectiveness, though.

Philip Malling, a 62-year-old who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2012. Philip was enrolled on the trial after two years of unsuccessful chemotherapy.

“I was told ‘there’s nothing more we can do for you’,” he said. “In April 2014, I was told ‘you’ll probably be dead by Christmas'”.

He has now been receiving Berzosertib treatment for six years, his cancers have shrunk and his condition is stable.

Another patient, whose ovarian cancer returned, saw her cancers shrink after combination treatment.

Side Effects

Berzosertib was well tolerated. The most common side effects included flushing, nausea, pruritus, headache and infusion-related reactions.

The next phase of studying Berzosertib in clinical trials is already under way.

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Trial with Berzosertib for advanced cancer patients
Trial with Berzosertib for advanced cancer patients

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