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Terms of Use

Welcome to the Trial-In pharma’s website, world class innovation in cancer medicine.
Prior to starting your use, please read the “Terms of Use”.

By reading and surfing this website you agree to the following Terms of Use and Limitation of Privacy:
Company website

  • The information presented in Trial-In Pharma’s website is general information only, and cannot be viewed in any way as a medical consultation or a recommended treatment.
  • Use of Trial-In Pharma’s website does not constitute an alternative to a professional opinion or a qualified physician’s treatment.
  • If you are ill, we recommend that you refer to your attending physician for diagnosis and consult. In any case of emergency, we suggest consulting immediately with your competent emergency services, your attending physician or your nearest hospital.
  • Trial-In Pharma’s website does not recommend any treatment, institution, physician, product or medical procedure which may be mentioned in there.
  • The information on the website changes and updates frequently, we make every effort to present accurate, reliable and updated information, however, Trial-In Pharma’s website cannot guaranty that no mistakes may occur in its published contents.
  • The Company reserves the right to insert various changes in the website, at its own discretion and without advanced notice. Should you find these changes unacceptable you may stop your visit in the website. Your continued surfing the site constitutes your agreement to these terms.
  • In any case of vagueness or a mistake please refer directly to the Company’s management for clarifications.

The Offered Service

  • The service provided through this website changes according to the person’s medical case with a strong emphasis on providing a second opinion remotely on the diagnosis and treatment options or providing lists of local medications and professionals which may receive new patients.
  • The provided service is remote, therefore it is somewhat limited as physical visualization is not a part thereof, so it is focused on the evaluation or recommendation of the study or treatment options. The decision whether to focus on diagnosis, recommendation of treatment or both rests on the attending physician.
  • Once the exams results are obtained, the decision on selecting the treatment is reserved to the patient and shall take place in the patient’s consult with his attending oncologist upon reviewing the Findings Report.
  • We shall clarify that the Findings Report does not constitute a medical opinion and/or a medical or a therapy recommendation and cannot be viewed as such and the findings specified therein do not constitute a promise of treatment efficacy or safety. The Findings Report may only be used as a mean to expose our Client to medications not included in the Israeli or the HMO’s basket of medications.
  • For the removal of all doubts, we shall clarify that the order in which the findings are listed in the Findings Report does not point out to any prioritization or any importance whatsoever.
  • The Client shall cooperate with the Company as much as required so that the Company may provide the Client with the services that are the subject of the Agreement. Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, the Client hereby undertakes providing the Company all the information, documents, details and material it requires so it may provide its services in the best way possible.
  • We shall clarify that the services are provided in accordance with the materials received from the Client and we act under the assumption that the information provided is correct, accurate and most updated. Should the Company find that some material details are missing from the Client’s file, the Company shall contact the Client or the Client’s attending oncologist to complete the missing materials, which may, in turn, result in extending the report delivery time to be longer than initially quoted.
  • According to this Agreement, the Company may be assisted, at its own discretion, by services of subcontractors, external consultants and suitable service providers to meet its commitments and provide its services

Medical Confidentiality and Information Security

  • By using this website, you agree and approve that the Company may collect and save all the information and data you provided. You are entitled to request the Company to return or destroy the documents you provided, and the Company shall act as asked with 3 days of your request.
  • The Company hereby confirms to the Client that it is aware of the fact that while providing its services to the Client, as defined in the Agreement, it is exposed to and it obtains personal information that is highly sensitive. The information may be provided to the Company by the Client or by any person acting on the Client’s behalf, or by a third party, or be collected by the Company or by any person acting on the Company’s behalf, in accordance with the privileges given in accordance with this Agreement.
  • It is known to the Company that great importance is given, including by the power of the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 to secure the information properly, protect it from unlawful or unauthorized use and maintain full confidentiality and discretion as required.
  • The above is a cause for high level of trust in the relationship created between the Company and the Client. Therefore, the Company undertakes keeping the information provided to it in a secured manner as are the acceptable practices for this type of information, as long as it keeps it, and not disclose this information to any party that does not constitute a part of the service provision procedures of the Company.
  • We shall clarify that the Company holds no responsibility as to the level of information security practices with the Company’s subcontractors, as specified above.

Limitation of Guaranty

  • The services are provided to the Client as is, and without any guaranty or promise of any kind, either expressed or included and/or as prescribed by law (as much as the applicable law allows). In the amount prescribed by the law, and in the widest scope legally possible, the Company does not promise and shall not bear any responsibility, including among other things and without derogation in matters of merchantability, breach of rights, fitness for a particular purpose and/or achievements of results or solutions. The Company does not guaranty and/or represents otherwise with everything related to the use of its services and/or use of the results and conclusions derived from the provided services. The Company is not responsible and/or does not represent otherwise for the manner in which the Client may decide to use its Findings Report and it is not responsible and/or does not represent otherwise for clinical trials that the Client may join (as much as the Client may take part) and/or for any use, or no use of the medications mentioned in the Findings Report (as much as the Client uses these medications). The Client is the sole responsible party to take any precautions required and/or recommended in its opinion so as to protect itself from lawsuits, damages, loss and/or risk which may rise as a result of and/or in connection with its use of and/or reliance on the services and/or any part thereof.
  • In addition, and without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, it is hereby clarified, for the avoidance of all doubt, that the only services the Company is responsible for providing are those explicitly listed in the section “The Offered Service” above. We shall clarify that according to this Agreement finding a relevant study/clinical trial or a medication in the scope of compassionate use therapies for the Client itself, which were not found by the company in its searches, shall not derogate from the quality of services and/or constitute a breach of this Agreement.
  • Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, in any case, the Company shall not be responsible, pursuant to the tort laws, contract laws or any other law for indirect or consequential damages, or for loss of Clients or opportunities, loss of income, loss of profits for upcoming sales or marketable investments, loss of reputation and such, even if it knew of the possibility of causing the damage.
  • Insofar as the above notwithstanding, the Company is liable for any reason whatsoever in connection with the Agreement, the overall liability of the Company, its subcontractors and anyone acting on its behalf, towards the Client and anyone acting on its behalf, in relation to all claims and lawsuits of the Client arising from the subject of this Agreement or related thereto at any time, either in Contracts, Tort or any other cause, the Company’s liability shall not exceed half of the payments amount actually paid by the Client to the Company under this Agreement.

Use of the Website Contents

  • All copyrights of the content appearing on the website belong to Trial-In Pharma. No use may be made of any content appearing on this website without obtaining permission in writing in advance from the Trial-In Pharma’s website editorial board.
  • We allow all the uses prescribed by the Copyrights Law – 2007

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