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TRIAL•IN Pharma is a medical company that identifies and act to bring the most innovative and studied treatment option to advanced cancer patients

What do we do?

  •  An examination that identifies pathbreaking, state-of-the-art treatments throughout the world that can save life for patients with metastatic cancers or brain tumors.
  • The examination is carried out by senior oncologists who analyze and filter extensive medical information individually suited to the patient’s medical background with the aim of supplying a list of additional treatments that can be offered to the patient.
  • The oncologist recommends and, with the patient, chooses the treatment that will give him or her the best chances.
  • We accompany the patient closely and help professionally in the different stages of acquiring the treatment.

How is the examination carried out?

A team of senior oncologists and clinical researchers operate a unique work method developed by the company in which extensive information is collected about research and advanced treatments individually suited to the patient’s situation and illness. The information is collected meticulously, and undergoes a process of analysis and filtering by the team in order to produce a list of additional treatments that can be offered to the specific patient in accordance with his or her clinical situation.

Our oncologists meticulously review more than 10 databases as well as the medical literature in the field of cancer. This process takes from two to three weeks and includes a quality control process.

What does the list of treatments described in the report include?

  • A list of trials worldwide with innovative medicines, for which the patient has been found suitable and meets the criteria.
  • Palliative medications worldwide that are suitable for the patient.
  • Case descriptions that report giving a particular medicine to a patient with a similar background to that of the specific patient with impressive therapeutic success.
  • Professional literature and publications that support some or all of the treatments described.
  • Information about other innovative treatments, such as innovative radiation systems, which in the opinion of the team are liable to increase the treatment’s chances of success.
  • Pathbreaking medicines available in Israel or abroad for treatment in the medical center where the patient is being treated, without needing to travel overseas to take part in the trial.
  • Links to detailed information about each of the treatments and where they can be obtained.

How is the treatment chosen?

In the patient’s next visit to his or her oncologist in the medical center, they discuss all the therapeutic options in order to choose the best, most suitable treatment for the patient’s situation and the characteristics of his or her illness. Due to the report, the oncologist now has the information and all the details necessary in order to recommend treatment beyond recommendations of standard protocols only.

The patient’s oncologist has a decisive role in choosing the treatment, as the oncologist knows the patient better than anyone. The report and the findings should therefore not to be seen as a recommendation for treatment but as personalized information about treatments that should be considered in addition to the usual, standard treatments.

What else does the patient receive?

  • After receiving the report, the company’s team talks to the patient and his or her family, and explains the findings in the written report, courteously and in plain language. It is important to us that the patient and his or her family understand the findings as completely as possible and are involved and active in choosing the treatment.
  • After the most suitable treatment is chosen from the list at the recommendation of the patient’s oncologist, we provide advice and accompany the patient intensively to acquire that treatment in practice:

We contact:

  • Head researchers and research teams in leading cancer centers worldwide
  • Pharmaceutical companies worldwide
  • We translate the medical documents
  • We maintain direct contact with the patient’s oncologist for the purpose of reporting and guidance in the process
  • We help with the necessary paperwork and with sending the forms to the various relevant bodies, including close follow up to make sure that the right person has received the papers, dealt with them and passed them on to the next in line.
  • We shorten the time until the patient receives the treatment. All this takes place as part of the professional help given by the company.

Who is the examination intended for?

Please note! The examination is not intended for patients in the various stages of leukemia or for hematological patients.

When do you need our examination?

  • Before beginning a first treatment when the illness is defined as metastatic or when a brain tumor is diagnosed
  • In any case of deterioration of the metastatic illness or in any deterioration of a brain tumor

So far, advanced personalized treatments have been found for all cancer patients who have contacted us.

We make sure we maintain contact with them, advise, direct, guide and help them in all the varied aspects of the complex everyday conduct along the entire way.

The real hope lies in research: these are the treatments of the future and you can gain life from them – already today.



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We support access to and expand cancer treatments beyond the standard of care, with the most advanced and innovative treatment options in the world, personally matching the individual cancer patient’s medical condition and with the support of top tier oncologists.

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