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What service does Trial-In Pharma offer to stage 4 metastatic cancer patients?

Our service is divided into a number of steps:
In step 1 we receive from every patient his medical records including all the tests and exams he underwent to this point in time: blood tests, CT and MRI scan reports, genetic testing if he underwent any, pathology report and other medical documents. The record is examined by senior oncologists who profile in depth in a complex and very professional process the characteristics of each patient’s disease. Based on this knowledge they identify advanced medical treatments and breakthrough drugs worldwide.

Who fits TRIAL-IN Pharma’s service and evaluation?

We specialize in metastatic cancer which is also known as “stage 4” or “level 4” cancer of every type. For example, metastatic breast cancer, metastatic colon cancer, metastatic pancreatic cancer and others.

In addition, we specialize in brain tumors at stage or level 4, such as Glioblastoma GBM.

However, we do not specialize in the various types of hematological cancer (blood cancer)

What are clinical trials in cancer and how does one get enrolled in them?

Medical studies or clinical trials intend to improve the medicine offered to patients at the present. Their goal is to find a drug or a therapy for cancer that are better and more effective than the standard treatment. One important thing to remember: at the present, standard treatments fail in curing metastatic diseases. The pharma companies develop drugs for cancer with the objective to be better than the standard, in fact the service we provide may be compared to opening a window to the future, we leap to the forefront of science and bring our patients drugs from the future and innovative and advance therapies that in many cases are successful in prolonging the patient’s life and provide the patient and his family with some all-important additional time. This is the reason that treatments and therapies currently investigated in clinical trials must be part of the variety of therapies offered to the patients along with the standard therapies.

Compassionate use drug, unlike what most of us may think, is not a drug that the patient receives in his last days when he is terminally ill and has nothing to lose. No, these drugs are in various stages of research that the pharma companies are willing, out of their own good will, to assist with them when they are still not formally approved in providing these to patients already at this stage of development. this is the source for the name “Compassionate use drugs”.

Drugs supplied in the scope of clinical trials are provided to the patients free of charge and so do compassionate use drugs since the pharma companies are not allowed to sell a drug prior to its approval.

What happens after TRIAL-IN Pharma has identified advanced treatments for me around the world?

Once the identification stage is completed, the patient and oncologist receive a well organized report including a list of up to ten innovative treatments and drugs that accurately match the patient and the state of his disease so that now they have an all-inclusive treatment map that also includes the standard therapies suggested by the oncologist as well as the innovative therapies we have identified. Once the oncologist and the patient select together the suitable treatment, we translate the medical documents and approach the world’s leading cancer centers where those treatments may be received, we approach the trial teams, the principle investigators, the pharma companies and assist in completing forms and follow up on these forms – we check and verify that the right person has received, checked, signed and passed the forms forward, until the stage when the treatment reaches the patient.

What is the difference between the service offered by TRIAL-IN Pharma and genetic testing?

Genetic tests are one treatment strategy and they offer treatments based on the knowledge existing today. In our work we identify all the most advanced treatment strategies, not just one strategy that does not suit everybody and is not one hundred percent effective.

For example, we offer genetic engineering therapies, advanced biological therapies, immunotherapy drugs, new chemotherapies, oncolytic viruses; these are all state-of-the-art, focused therapies.

In the event when we find a treatment that really targets a specific mutation, then it is reasonable to undergo genetic testing.

Why do we need TRIAL-IN Pharma’s service when we can search Google by ourselves?

It’s true that allegedly Google can lead us everywhere. However, we are talking here of a professional search, since cancer is a complex disease and a metastatic patient or a patient with a stage 4 brain tumor are even more complex. For this reason, TRIAL-IN Pharma’s team includes very senior oncologists who conduct comprehensive and multi stage tests including analysis and characteristics of the patient’s medical condition and background. They process and identify in international sources and in professional literature, innovative and breakthrough clinical trials and therapies specifically matching the specific patient’s condition.

The bottom line is that clinical knowledge is required and many hours of work and quality control are required to produce the professional report we deliver to the patient and his attending physician.

Are the treatments offered by TRIAL-IN Pharma to stage 4 metastatic cancer patients lifesaving?

TRIAL-IN Pharma is a medical company specializing in stage 4 metastatic cancer. At this stage of the disease efforts go toward extending life and improving quality of life for the patient. This is what we do, this is our specialty and here is where we have success stories of patients who received investigational drugs, that are advanced and innovative which have prolonged the patients’ lives way beyond their prognosis predicted and the chances assigned to them. 10 years ago two cancer researchers Alison from the US and Honjo from Japan have investigated a new therapeutic strategy to fight cancer by evoking the body’s own immune system to fight the cancerous cells. This area of therapy is known today as “Immunotherapy” and the immunotherapeutic drugs such as KEYTRUDA® and OPDIVO® have revolutionized the face of cancer therapy and the two researchers have become Nobel Prize laureates in 2018. A patient who entered clinical trial with these drugs 8, 9 and 10 years ago has prolonged his life much beyond the prognosis of the standard protocols back then. We are committed to protect our patient’s privacy and cannot give you names; however, I would like to tell you about one of our patients. A metastatic lung cancer patient which the doctors prognosed no more than 2 – 3 months, and following the innovative therapies we have revealed after his disease was specifically characterized have extended his life by a year and two months, he went back to work, to eat and to be active, although not fully and verily still ill, but living a full life with his caring family and in a magically improved quality of life. Of course, there are also cases where the patient did not respond to the treatment we found for him. It is therefore important for you to understand that the match between patient and therapy is still a match of individual biology.

At what stage of the disease does TRIAL-IN Pharma enter the picture frame?

It is important that you approach us already in the early stages, before you agree to undergo any treatment to a metastatic disease of an aggressive brain tumor. By the way, this attitude is officially recommended in pancreatic cancer too, for example. The current standard treatments in this type of cancer are far from providing a solution to seriously ill patients and cases and the international guidelines explicitly determine that clinical trials constitute the preferred treatment option.

The logic underlying this recommendation is clear – this is the stage when the oncologist recommends a suitable therapy and the novel therapies and drugs should also be present on the treatments map. Of course, you can get in touch with us even at later stages, however, it’s important to emphasize that preferably you do not want to contact us on the last moment. There is a mistaken approach that looking into innovative therapies should be done only after the standard treatments have failed or exhausted, however, this may be a mistake that leads to patients approaching us when it may already be too late for them and they are in a poor condition and at this point in time no treatment may help them anymore, and may even cause damages, as the disease is already in full rage. Painfully we must decline these patients and refuse to put their case to work.

To check if our service suits your case
We need to talk

Improve therapeutic outcomes, prolong life and quality of life, are our main business.
We support access to and expand cancer treatments beyond the standard of care, with the most advanced and innovative treatment options in the world, personally matching the individual cancer patient’s medical condition and with the support of top tier oncologists.

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