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Receive the Cancer Treatments of Tomorrow Today

Nir Erez, founder and CEO of TRIAL-IN Pharma Ltd. has a vision – to break the barrier, change the statistics and increase the chances of curing cancer patients with stage four metastatic cancers and brain cancer. He has developed a model to locate groundbreaking cancer clinical trials and advanced treatments throughout the world, personally suited to the patient’s medical condition and background and make them accessible to those patients.

By Daniel Dotan Oct, 28 2018

"Even today, in each cancer patient that I meet, I see my mother and want to save them," said Nir Erez of medical company Trial-In Pharma.

By Eytan Halon March 24, 2019
Israël : semaine de sensibilisation au cancer de la peau

Chaque mois en Israël, près de 17 personnes décèdent, victimes du cancer de la peau. Avec un rayonnement solaire élevé tout au long de l'année, le mélanome menace les Israéliens, bien plus que les citoyens des pays du Nord. Du 17 au 21 juin, à l'occasion de la semaine de prévention contre ce fléau, il y a des consultations gratuites destinées à sensibiliser le public au danger du soleil sur la peau.

i24, June 18, 2019

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Improve therapeutic outcomes, prolong life and quality of life, are our main business.
We support access to and expand cancer treatments beyond the standard of care, with the most advanced and innovative treatment options in the world, personally matching the individual cancer patient’s medical condition and with the support of top tier oncologists.

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