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TRIAL•IN Pharma,
Because we do not give up on life and increase the chances of cancer patients for survival and longevity 

In mid 2016, I have founded “TRIAL•IN Pharma” with the will to make advanced treatments and drugs at the forefront of science accessible to cancer patients, in which they may benefit from more than any other standard protocol offered to them. This will rose from my personal story and grief.

In 2010 I lost my mother to Triple Negative Breast Cancer, and after a long and persistent struggle which lasted 4 years. During this difficult period, I was not aware to the limitations of the health system even though, I was working in this area. The oncologists did not refer us to clinical trials and did not offer any treatment other than the standard protocols, which were classical chemotherapy mostly with awful side effects.

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world… I will answer you loud and clear:
I am here to help cancer patients receiving breakthrough and innovative treatments and live”

Yours, Nir Erez, CEO, TRIAL•IN Pharma

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“Nir and the team have opened up many possibilities for us with a wide and deep understanding of these options. Nir helped and does a lot in finding the right solutions for healing. Lots of combinations and options “

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Improve therapeutic outcomes, prolong life and quality of life, is our main business. We support access to and expand cancer treatments beyond the standard of care, with the most advanced and innovative treatment options in the world, personally matching the individual cancer patient’s medical condition and with the support of top tier senior oncologists in Israel and the world


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