When my oncologist will consider Chemotherapy treatment for me?

If you diagnosed with cancer Chemotherapy treatment might be considered.

Chemotherapy is a medicated therapy which aims to shrink and erase cancerous cells and allow control over the disease.

and what are the side effects?

Unlike surgery or radiation, chemotherapy works all over the body and is not focused.

This means that it can eliminate cancerous lesions, such as metastasis, that have developed in various organs of the body.

Chemotherapy usually has serious side effects with varying degrees of difficulty and you may experience hair loss, loss of appetite, changes in exits, fatigue, infections, bleeding, pain, mood changes, muscle pain, loss of fertility and more.

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How do I get the chemotherapy?

There are different types of chemotherapy

The common is intravenous infusion

There are chemotherapy drugs that are given orally by a pill.


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