Small Cell Lung Cancer, SCLC – Treatment with an approved drug, Onivyde, shows efficacy

Many small cell lung cancer patients rapidly relapse due to the aggressive nature of the disease.

While the current standard of care in the second-line setting can extend survival, treatment toxicity has prevented some patients from receiving the full recommended dose. There is a clear need for more treatment options that may give more patients the chance to remain on therapy.

The FDA approved Onivyde in October 2015 as a treatment for patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer.

*** Now the drug shows very good activity in preventing metastatic Small Cell Lung Cancer, mSCLC, from keep growing in the second line***

Initial findings of the phase II/III RESILIENT study

Onivyde achieved disease control in almost half of patients as a second-line treatment for Small Cell Lung Cancer, SCLC, according to findings from Part 1 of the phase II/III RESILIENT trial presented at the 2019 World Conference on Lung Cancer, WCLC, which was held on September 7-10, 2019; Barcelona, Spain.

The drug induced an overall response rate (tumor shrinkage plus no change in tumor size) was 72%.

Treatment side effects included diarrhea, neutropenia, anemia, thrombocytopenia and fatigue.

About Onivyde

Onivyde is a nanoliposomal encapsulation of irinotecan, allowing for the drug to stay in circulation for a longer duration compared with standard irinotecan. Additionally, this mechanism allows for higher drug uptake within tumor cells and conversion of irinotecan to its active form, SN38.

About Small Cell Lung Cancer, SCLC

  • This cancer constitutes approx. 15% of lung cancers and is considered to be particularly aggressive
  • Its source is in cells from the central region of the lung and connection was found with smoking habits and history
  • This cancer spreads rapidly

For most patients with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer, current treatments are insufficiently effective. This gives rise to the need for innovative strategies with greater efficacy in fighting the disease.  The National Cancer Institute, NCI, highlights the fact that for a certain group of lung cancer patients, the best treatment option is to join one of the many clinical trials existing worldwide aiming to increase their chances of therapeutic success.


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