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What did Cabometix® demonstrate?

Two drugs, Cabometix® (Cabozantinib) and Stivarga® (Regorafenib) are approved for various indications and are now breakthroughs in the treatment of advanced stages of these two types of cancer.

Cabozantinib® has extended the life of some patients with advanced Osteosarcoma and some advanced Ewing Sarcoma patients who have already received several treatments for their disease and are unresectable and/or stage 4 metastatic.

The expected median survival rate of these patients, who underwent several treatments, is extremely bleak with the standard treatments.

Cabometix® demonstrated the highest and most impressive response rate known today among all (!) drugs that work in a similar mechanism of action that showed activity in sarcoma of the bones, according to the results of a study called CABONE, recently reported at the Connective Tissue Oncology Society, CTOS, Annual Meeting, which took place on 14-17 November 2018 in Rome, Italy.

Most of the side effects observed in the study were minimal.

Cabometix® is a drug taken orally and inhibits the c-MET, VEGFR-2 and AXL kinases in cancer cells.

Patients aged 12 years and older participated in CABONE, with patients under the age of 18 receiving the drug 40 mg/mm, and patients aged 18 and over received the same dose at 60 mg/mm daily in 28-day cycles. Over 90% of the study participants had metastatic disease, stage 4.

Dr. Catherine Jainaway, one of the world’s leading centers in the US, noted that another study called SARC024 showed similar results with another drug known as Stivarga® (Regorafenib)..

The current situation

Ewing sarcoma and Osteosarcoma, are the most common types of bone cancer among children and young adults.

There are currently no approved drugs for the treatment of unresectable and/or stage 4 metastatic patients.

The median survival expected for patients whose disease is back is less than 10 months with all the existing standard protocols.

Participating in clinical trials should be offered to patients at this stage with the aim of increasing the chances for better treatment outcomes.

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