Pancreatic Cancer – Nadunolimab brings positive results


Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive type of cancer with very little treatment options that are mostly disappointing especially in the advanced stages of disease, were the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, metastases.

Therefore, if these cancer patients and their families want to fight the disease and increase the chance, they really need to look into the forefront of science in this field.

Positive efficacy results were recently announced regarding a new antibody, a biological drug, Nadunolimab (CAN04) plus Gemzar/Abraxane in treating patients with pancreatic cancer in the first line setting.

About the CANFOUR study

The ongoing, open-label, phase 1/2a CANFOUR trial (NCT03267316) enrolled 36 patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, reporting the early efficacy data for the combination treatment in the first line setting.

Addition of Nadunolimab to standard chemotherapy generates beneficial long-term effects, as well as decrease in serious side effects such as neuropathy and fatigue.


  • The median time the disease did not progress was 7.8 months
  • The median survival was 12.6 months which is longer compared to the standard therapy
  • Nine patients experienced response with a median duration of response of 6.8 months

Side effects

Severe side effects were neutropenia (in 67% of patients) and febrile neutropenia (in 17% of patients).

About Pancreatic Cancer

This cancer occurs when cancer cells develop in the tissues from which the pancreas is made.

This type of cancer is aggressive, since most of the patients are diagnosed in an advanced stage, where the disease is considered incurable, for the most part.

Pancreas cancer is hard to diagnose early since its symptoms do not usually appear in early stages.

In many cases until the patient is diagnosed with a pancreatic cancer there are already metastases elsewhere in the body (stage 4 metastatic cancer).

The patient’s life expectancy is poor and currently stands on less than one year; this is with the support of the standard treatments.

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Pancreatic cancer and Nadunolimab
Pancreatic cancer and Nadunolimab

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