A combination with a new biological drug, Navicixizumab, Shows Benefit in Ovarian Cancer

New Trial – Ovarian Cancer

Data from the phase Ib study were made available as part of the virtual platform for the SGO 2020 Annual Meeting that has been implemented due to the shutdown caused by the novel coronavirus and took place March 28-31, 2020.

About the Study

The phase Ib study included 44 patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. Patients had received at least 3 prior therapies and/or Avastin. The median number of prior therapies was 4. Across the population, 68% had received Avastin, 41% had received a PARP inhibitor, and all (100%) had received prior Taxol.


According to findings from a phase Ib study, the anti-DLL4/VEGF bispecific antibody Navicixizumab showed promising clinical activity when used in combination with Taxol in heavily pretreated patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.

  • The interim efficacy data showed that the 43% patients responded to the treatment and their tumors had shrunk. 1 patient had a complete remission.
  • 34% patients had stable disease, their disease stop from growing.
  • The median time to progression from the start of Navicixizumab was 7.3 months and the median duration of response was 5.7 months.

Side Effects

The safety profile appears to be manageable with hypertension being the most common adverse event related to Navicixizumab

The most common side effects across all grades were hypertension (68%), fatigue (48%), headache (27%), neutropenia (21%), pulmonary hypertension (18%) and diarrhea (16%).

Special Notes – If you are Ovarian Cancer Patient

  • The best treatment for a cancer patient is to get the most advanced cancer drugs in advanced stages of development. There, the hope and the chance to extend life go far beyond the standard protocols.

  • Phase I studies also pose a tremendous opportunity to cancer patients.

  • In October 2019, Navicixizumab received an FDA Fast Track designation for the treatment of certain ovarian patients who have received at least 3 prior therapies and/or prior Avastin.

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