Biological drugs for metastatic gastric cancer patients

About a week ago, the International Conference on Gastrointestinal Tracts was held in the United States.

The conference presented results from a Phase I / II clinical trial that examined a combination of two drugs, one biologically called Cyramza® and the other, immunotherapy called Opdivo®, as treatment for metastatic gastric cancer patients who failed on a number of standard treatment lines.

Both of these drugs are FDA approved.

Patients with Stage 4 metastatic gastric cancer, usually receive chemotherapy and when, as expected, these treatments fail, next treatment options are very limited and the expected life expectancy is very short

The combination of Opdivo® and Cyramza® showed results similar to those obtained with chemo (Abraxan®) and Cyramza® in another study but – note – with far fewer side effects! Amazing, is not it?!

Cyramza® was given at 8 mg/kg every two weeks and its dosage was given at 3 mg/kg or 1 mg/kg (option in the study for patient’s decision), once every two weeks.

It is known that immunotherapies are associated with high levels of PD-L1. However, the study demonstrated that life prolongation was the same in patients with low PD-L1 and in patients with high PD-L1!

To me, it’s amazing! Because it is such a devastating and horrible disease!

In addition, in one-third of patients, the disease shrieked. In another third, the disease was stopped!
This is progress!!!! This is it!!! And we are here for you!


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