Why should cancer patients participate in clinical trials?

Clinical trials are conducted on people in whom a treatment, new or already approved, is evaluated to determine its effectiveness and safety.

There are currently about 20,000 clinical trials available worldwide for cancer patients and each patient can be matched by the current stage of his or her disease. By joining a clinical trial you can receive the most innovative treatment in the world.

The Health Authorities in the US (FDA), Europe (EMA) and Israeli Ministry of Health are very careful about how clinical trials are carried out which oblige the trial investigators to meet stringent demands and rules for the best of the patient. Patients who are candidates for enrolling a clinical trial, must meet strict

threshold conditions, and the authorities are required to maintain patient rights and to have full transparency about the trial in which they participate. Follow-up of the patient and his medical condition is very comprehensive and closely monitored.

To check which studies you and only you are suitable for (there are no two cancer patients), contact us and we will be happy to help you and accompany you through the process.


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