Breakthrough efficacy in gene therapy for brain cancer, Glioblastoma stage 4

Gene therapy for brain cancer, Glioblastoma

Current treatments for Glioblastoma

  • Glioblastoma (GBM) is a cancer that develops in the brain and is particularly violent and deadly.
  • Patients with GBM have a rather dismal prognosis; the survival rate is only 15 months from diagnosis. In addition, every standard treatment currently available for this disease has a response lasting only a few months.
  • The first treatment for Glioblastoma involves surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy with or without biological treatment.
  • However, even with this treatment it is likely that the disease will progress and worsen.
  • This stage of the disease is called “recurrence of Glioblastoma” or “recurrent Glioblastoma.”
  • In this situation, the number of treatments available to the patient is limited.

The news

The American Association for Cancer Research holds an international conference every year, in which researchers present the world’s most advanced advances in cancer treatment, as well as future news in the research.

Some of the innovative treatment options are already available to cancer patients.

The last conference was held in October 2018, during which results were presented from Phase I study, which examined an advanced treatment combining vector retrovirus Toca 511 with Toca FC, a drug that is transformed into tumor cells in the brain for known chemotherapy that has been used for decades in many cancers.

The study demonstrated breakthrough efficacy

  • After rGBM patients received this treatment, more than a quarter of them lived beyond three years from start of  treatment.

It is important to note several things

1- The benefit obtained was not mutant or biomarker driven

All rGBM patients could benefit from this treatment.

The treatment not only kills the brain’s GBM cells, but also increases and enhances the immune system’s ability to identify and attack those cancer cells.

In addition, treatment is focused only on the brain tumor so that the side effects characteristics of chemotherapy are irrelevant because the body itself is not exposed to it.

This study completed the recruitment of new patients.

2- Another study confirm the results observed in the first phase study

There is currently a Phase III study with the same treatment and in the meantime, it was reported that out of 23 rGBM patients participating, 5 patients experienced complete regression of cancer lasting three years on average.

Additional 5 patients were cured of the disease.

The aim of the study is to confirm the results observed in the first phase study.

3- It is important to note!

Not every patient can participate in the study and the threshold conditions should be carefully examined to ensure that the study is indeed appropriate for the patient.

Even if it is the same cancer, there are no two similar patients.

4. The following is a link to the testimonies of patients who participated in the study, as well as a specific video showing a personal story of one of the patients:


The opportunity in this trial

With such impressive evidence and an opportunity to earn your life from one of the most advanced treatments for this devastating disease, why wait 5 to 7 years for the approval of the treatment by the health authorities if you can get it today?

Why enter the statistics of only 15 months when there is an opportunity to live at least three years longer?

If you are not suitable for this study, you can contact the pharmaceutical company that developed the treatment and try to receive the treatment at Compassion care.

Beyond that, it is possible to check specifically for you, what additional studies may be suitable for you with advanced drugs from the forefront of science in the fight against cancer.

Do not make the mistake and assume that this information is known to everyone as this is a false assumption.

This is all in your hands and you have to put this information on the oncologist’s table and discuss the possibility of receiving the most advanced treatment in the world for your illness.

We at TRIAL-IN Pharma know that stage 4 patients can be offered many more treatments from the forefront of science around the world.

Contact us as soon as you know you have stage 4 disease, do not wait!

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