Cannabis, Cannabis Oil, Rick Simpson and Cancer Cure

It sounds as if just under our nose you can beat cancer and recover from it completely through a natural and very friendly treatment. Many meet and read about cancer patients treated with medical cannabis or cannabis oil Rick Simpson and cured.

I’m the last person to be against a treatment that works and I take in both hands every treatment that ultimately helps cancer patients, without asking questions. However, it is important for me to give you the perspective and experience I have on the subject.

Cancer drugs, such as Irinotecan, Navalbine, Taxol, Taxoter, are chemotherapies with a common denominator: The source of all is a plant or a tree. Another drug used to treat breast cancer is the Kadcyla®, which is composed of Herceptin® (a biological drug used in breast cancer and stomach cancer) to which a chemical “tail” is bound based on an Ethiopian plant called Maytenus ovatus.

Many cancer patients receive and have received these drugs, and some of them have even reached full remission! No one can explain why and what the features of that fortunate handful of cancer patients are.

And this leads me to ask whether Cannabis is ultimately another type of chemotherapy with the same insufficient efficacy but without its severe side effects.

What is certain is that today there is much unknown in the aspect that tries to explain who Cannabis works on and who it is not, and in an attempt to understand the precise method of treatment with Cannabis.

We have dozens of patients who say that they receive medical Cannabis or cannabis oil. No one told us of healing or any response to the therapy except helping to improve appetite and sleep. Some patients reported that Cannabis caused them severe hallucinations, panic attacks, and in a particular case, a patient was unconscious for five days with the first drop.

I do not say “NO”; I do say and ask you to be careful, to have the care given under close supervision and to lower expectations. Cancer is a very complex disease and it must be fought with tricks.

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