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This morning! We obtained consent of the pharmaceutical company to provide compassionate drug to metastatic lung cancer patient

Background –

A woman in her sixties was diagnosed about two years ago with Small Cell Lung Cancer, SCLC (15% of all lung cancer patients are diagnosed with this type of aggressive cancer). She has metastases in various organs of her body.

As part of our service, we brought to the attention of her family and her oncologist, information about a new drug that has particularly impressive reports of its efficacy and that it may be appropriate for the patient. The oncologist was most impressed with the results and thought it was a drug that could be an excellent treatment for this patient who is about to end all the few treatment options available to her.

The patient wants, the family wants and the oncologist wants.

How did we act?

We contacted the pharmaceutical company abroad and after a few days of communicating with the relevant parties, we obtained the company’s consent to send the drug to the patient as a “Compassionate drug”.

We are now starting to bring the drug to Israel and leading all the steps regarding the approvals required from all relevant bodies in terms of the Ministry of Health, Regulation, Medical Center, Customs Broker and more.

In the coming weeks the drug will be here in Israel and will go directly to the medical center where the patient will receive it.

This is our strength and our capabilities for cancer patients.

What are Compassionate Treatments and to whom do they suit?

Compassionate treatment or compassionate use drug is a medical treatment administered to a patient who suffers a life-threatening disease or a disease-causing severe disability.

A patient who cannot be properly be treated with a registered and approved treatments or be in the scope of a clinical trials.

Contrary to the common belief, compassionate treatment or drug are designated for cancer patients at any staging of the disease, when all other treatment and therapies have been exhausted and they are in terminal condition.

The use of innovative and breakthrough compassionate drugs may extend life and improve life quality of cancer patients.

These are some of the most advanced treatments existing in the world and it is important to know about them in the same way we know about any other treatment.

Who develops these treatments?

Compassionate treatments is usually developed by a pharmaceutical or medical device companies.

Compassionate use is usually a drug developed by a company which agrees to provide it to the patient outside of the study scope, and prior to its final approval by the health authorities worldwide.

As long as the treatment or the drug are unapproved by the health authorities worldwide, they may be distributed free of charge.

There is no obligating a pharmaceutical company to agree to any application for compassionate use, however, when they do agree, the patient might gain from the compassion demonstrated by the company towards him or her.

What are the goals of Compassionate drugs?

The goal in providing compassionate use for all the parties involved with cancer: the patient, the doctor and the pharmaceutical company.

The goal is to improve the patient’s medical condition and help the patient in his or her fight against cancer.

In TRIAL-IN Pharma we map the compassionate use treatments found around the world and locate these suitable to a specific cancer patient according to his or her current medical condition and history.

We equip the patient with personalized medical information, in a clear and concise format, with which the patient may continue to consult his or her attending physician in order to make a treatment decision together.

TRIAL-IN Pharma has a unique expertise that combines the identification and analysis of compassionate treatments at various stages of development and facilitates the accessibility to treatments and clinical trials from around the world.

To read more about compassionate drugs

To get a personal free assessment to our service please in fill in your details and we will get back to you shortly

Improve therapeutic outcomes, prolong life and quality of life, is our main business.
We support access to and expand cancer treatments beyond the standard of care, with the most advanced and innovative treatment options in the world, personally matching the individual cancer patient’s medical condition and with the support of top tier oncologists.

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