Genetic mutations for pancreatic cancer patients

The NCCN is the organization that sets the guidelines in the United States for the treatment of various types of cancer, and is composed of 27 leading cancer centers from the field.

Recently, the NCCN came out with a recommendation to all pancreatic cancer patients to check for inherited genetic mutations, mutations that the person himself was born with.

These mutations are other than somatic mutations, mutations that can occur in the body in a random way during life.

These are the 6 genetic mutations that the NCCN recommends testing:


Although these mutations are inherited and increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, this does not mean that anyone with these mutations will necessarily develop pancreatic cancer.

These mutations occurred in 5.5% of all pancreatic cancer patients, including 5.2% of all pancreatic cancer patients who did not have a family history of pancreatic cancer.

Beyond that, there are no treatments or drugs within the standard protocols for all these 6 mutations.


• The genetic test will not be valuable to the vast majority of pancreatic cancer patients, about 95%.

• There are innovative drugs in organized medical studies as they work on these mutations and your way to get them treated is by research or compassion and sometimes by private purchase.

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