Breast Cancer Symptoms

Changes in the breast, nipple or armpits in women and men may be a warning sign for the development of breast cancer but not necessarily.

Early detection has a decisive influence on how the disease is treated and on treatment outcomes.

Therefore, it is recommended that you consult a specialist physician for the appearance of any of the following symptoms:

  • Lump or swallowing of the breast – Can be manually felt or seen in an ultrasound or mammogram examination.
  • Nipple inversion – Reverses the side of the nipple and pulls it into the breast, enlarged nipple, bleeding, swelling, inflammatory or pulled inside.
  • Lumps in the armpit – Can be manually felt or seen in an ultrasound or mammogram examination.
  • Redness, inflammation, or rash (Redness / Rash) – Redness or rash that are sometimes accompanied by itching, on the breast, on the nipple, on one or two of the breasts.
  • Bloody Discharge from the nipple – A bloody nipple discharge on one side or both nipples.
  • Yellow Discharge from the nipple – White, yellow, translucent or other colors in one or both nipples.
  • Sink in the breast or texture of “orange peel” (Dimpling) – Skin roughness or thickening of tissue in the breast or near the armpit, sometimes accompanied by a feeling of local redness and heat.
  • Changes in the texture of the skin and color (Texture Change) – Changes in the appearance of the breast, or drooping of the breast a feeling of local redness and heat.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

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