Innovative treatment for pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is known as a particularly cruel cancer. Radiation into the tumor itself may be part of the treatment plan but these radiation protocols do not offer a chance for a cure. Radiation methods currently have very limited amount of radiation: beyond a certain amount of radiation, the area around the radiated area and surrounding organs can be severely damaged.

The world’s leading cancer center, MD Anderson, in the United States, is conducting a clinical trial in which an innovative device, developed in Sydney, Australia, is injected in a minimal invasive procedure directly into the tumor. This allows for a more focused radiation with much higher amount of radiation. The device is called OncoSil ™ and this advanced treatment is intended for some of the stage III pancreatic cancer patients who cannot be operated.

And that’s not all ….Usually using current radiation protocols, the radiation lasts from one to five weeks.In the new method, the patient is hospitalized in an outpatient clinic for the procedure and is released home that same day (!). Quality of life is a central therapeutic goal in cancer and certainly in pancreatic cancer.In addition, the current radiation protocols requires the patient to stop the treatments that he or she receives as they last several weeks. With the innovative device, there is no need to stop the treatments because it can be installed on the day the patient does not receive treatment and without interrupting or delaying anything. This is a very important advantage because stopping pancreatic cancer treatment does not make sense, and is done so today as a compromise.

However, it is important to be aware that this advanced treatment is not suitable for all stage III pancreatic cancer patients who are not operable, because patients are not “copy-paste” of each other and each case should be examined in depth, whether the specific patient is appropriate or not.

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