The standard protocol – do the same and get the same. Upsetting!

The treatment that is given “according to the book” to everyone, is called in professional language “the standard protocol”.

LB, our client, 62, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer three and a half months ago.

Stage 4 cancer is a cancer in a very advanced state and for the patient, it is the worst condition there is.

Why the worst? Because currently, standard protocols fail to cure stage 4 cancer and by large, they help about 30% of patients control and block the disease and even reduce its lesions’ size for a certain period of time.

Like paper boats in water

Eventually, even if standard treatment helps, stage 4 cancer will develop resistance, the disease will worsen further, the patient may deteriorate, and subsequent treatments will probably be less and less effective.

For the rest of the 70% of patients, the standard protocols will not help at all in the first place and remember that they are prone to side effects. Does not help, it necessarily means, the disease progresses. Cancer is not waiting for anyone.

We will return to our customer –

LB went to several second opinions. Everyone said unanimously: “First of all, you will get the standard protocol and only then we will think.”

LB listened to them and received the standard protocol exactly by the book.

Did not help him and the disease progressed in such a way that further lesions were formed. We have already said that in 70% of patients the treatment does not help.

The problem is that if the oncologists continue to adhere to the accepted standard protocols and continue to treat you just as any other patient is treated by the book

Both they and you will continue to get the same results

And these results, are known in advance.

Because with the standard protocol, everything is known. Yes, everything! There will be very few surprises if any at all.

So get out of the box

Get out of this vicious circle

Take the reins in your hands

And help yourself as much as possible to change your destiny

We will help you

Talk to us so see if we can help you to actually get the most advanced treatments


Because we, do not give up on life!

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The standard protocol - do the same and get the same. Upsetting!
The standard protocol – do the same and get the same. Upsetting!

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