Breast Cancer – TTC-352 halted progression of and is not toxic


Breast cancer affects one in eight women. Around 80% are categorized as estrogen receptor-positive, or ER-positive. This means the cancer cells have receptors – molecules that can receive signals from chemicals in the body – that are sensitive to and react to the hormone estrogen. In the case of ER-positive breast cancer, this means that estrogen fuels cancer growth.

Hormone Therapy

To treat this type of breast cancer, doctors prescribe medication to block hormone production in the body or interfere with the effect hormones have on cancer cells. This type of treatment is called “Hormone Therapy”. However, nearly half of women treated with hormone therapy become resistant, leaving traditional chemotherapy and its side effects as the only option for treatment.

About the new drug, TTC-352

TTC-352 is a selective human estrogen receptor partial agonist.

The drug is specifically designed for women whose cancer has stopped responding to hormone therapy.

About the Trial 

In the phase 1 clinical trial, 15 women who had metastatic breast cancer and previously were treated with several rounds of hormone therapy and, in some cases, chemotherapy including a CDK4/6 inhibitor, were enrolled.


There were no toxic side effects, even at the highest doses.

In 6 patients the disease stopped growing with a lack of disease progression for a significant amount of time.


The results of the phase 1 trial indicate that TTC-352 is a safe and tolerable alternative to chemotherapy – therefore, without the side effects of chemotherapy – for metastatic breast cancer patients who have already been treated with hormone therapy.

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TTC-352 Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer
TTC-352 Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer


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