A.R. and her fight against her metastatic breast cancer – case report

A.R., 48, is married, a mother of 5 children, works full-time. A woman who manages her illness and sees only one thing in front of her – Beat her cancer. She’s like a “Torpedo” – and she manages!

A.R. Turned to us in March 2017 when her disease had metastasized and received several standard protocols that failed. She realized she might have had to turn to us at earlier stages of the metastatic disease.

As a result of our work, a staff meeting was held on her case at the oncology institute where she is being treated and it was decided to recommend her a treatment with one of the drugs that appeared in our findings report, which is called “Alpelisib®” and does not yet have FDA approval. One can receive it or in the framework of clinical trial or in the framework of compassionate drug by the pharmaceutical company outside the framework of trial. There is no other way to reach this drug and in both ways it is given for free.

The drug company agreed to provide the drug as “compassionate” for free, of course, and within a few days A.R. started the treatment. In a way that stunned her oncology, A.R. responded to the innovative drug and received it for several months. The tumors shrunk, she had less pain and her overall wellbeing was better than before the treatment started.

Now, A.R. turned to us again and informed her that her cancer was beginning to develop resistance to the drug and the disease was progressing again. She asks again, that we find her the second “golden heart flower” and tells us that her oncologist is also anxiously waiting to receive the report from us.

We will do everything to help her fight for life!

Do not miss out on opportunities to live!

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