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Patients’ testimonials

I have reached out to TRIAL-IN Pharma when I was looking for treatments for my mother, a lung cancer patient who also had metastases. I was looking for treatments that may help her because doctors had no ideas how to treat her anymore. When I brought up an idea to go back to a drug she already received – they said it was a good idea, and she actually responded well. It was then that I realized, I had to be the one suggesting treatments for my mom, because doctors only follow the therapies they have been providing for dozens of years, and it is usually chemotherapy.
I have contacted TRIAL-IN Pharma to see how they may help us because I am not a medical professional and definitely not an oncologist. I met Nir Erez who did not charge me for the visit, and after deliberations we have decided to continue with them and listen, it was surprising to see how responsible and professional they were. Before they agreed to take us on as customers, they have made an in-depth evaluation to check if my mother is suitable for their service. And all of this, free of charge.
What can I tell you? There are not enough words in the world to describe how helpful they are and how much they care. They suggested treatments they brought in from all over the world that were suitable for my mother and many drugs appeared on their report which you can get in Israel and there is no need to travel to another country. Nir sat with me and explained what I see in the report, what it says in a language I can understand. He devoted his time quietly and it was important to him that I understand as much as possible. He made me feel like no other person ever made me feel. He devoted me all the time in the world,. They have attached medical publications on most of the treatments and drugs they suggested, because we all like to see that whatever if offered to us is substantiated, even a little. They have introduced us to two medical doctors that are open to ideas on the one hand but also keep their feet grounded on the other hand, who really help us. They fight with us on mom’s life, and I am not alone any more. They even directed us through a bureaucratic procedure we were not familiar with so that we can get a very expensive drug my mom is currently taking for free, and she is taking its because it was my idea that she would and I gave the idea to her attending doctor.
I recommend from the bottom of my heart that you contact them, since this may affect and change your lives. If you want to talk to me, you can write me an email to

Eli Haike Jan, 30 2019 , Lung Cancer stage 4

Our family approached Nir after my wife was diagnosed with advanced metastatic biliary duct cancer.
We were responded by a humane and professional attitude, and discovered a true willingness to help.
I highly recommend contacting Nir if you are facing harsh struggle against the disease and listen to what he and his team can offer.
Our experience was that we received real information and real help, not just slogans, but actual results.
If you wish to receive more details from me, you may contact me on the private channel, and anyway, you have nothing to lose when you contact Nir, only gain.

Lior Lahav Jan, 30 2019, metastatic biliary duct cancer

I wanted to recommend Nir and TRIAK-IN Pharma. First and foremost, Nir is a very well-mannered person who is always available for questions and inquiries. Beyond this, he has checked for my mother many trials and drugs that could have helped her. He also knows the oncologists at the hospitals personally, which helps a lot in speeding things up.

Lior Michelle Oct, 16 2018, GBM

It is hard to describe in words, a soul touching phone call, full of understanding, heartwarming sensation, with the reliable and caring Nir. Nir is attentive to every person and every person has their own painful and heart wrenching story to tell, and the strength Nir passes to that person even in a phone call, his voice, his calm and his firm belief that there is always a solution somewhere and it’s always worthwhile trying, and never ever give up. Nir was with us 24/7, never letting go, never giving up. He spoke to my dad, who is a hard person and has a hard time trusting people… but Nir was able to touch him, Nir gave him a feeling that he is there to listen, to take it all in, understand and to fill him with strength and power to fight. Nir’s commitment comes from the heart, straight from the depth of his soul and from the need to assist and help others, whoever they may be. A huge THANK YOU Nir, for everything… the road ahead is still long and hardship still may come, but I know that you are there for us. Thank you and thanks to your entire team.

Adi Greenbaum Jul, 22 2018,

Hi, my name is Tiran. One of my family members, a relative of mine has metastatic lung cancer. We have encountered Nir’s company while surfing the web, attempting to learn everything we can on lung cancer.

Through surfing we were exposed to companies that accompany patients and their families in this process. Nir’s company has attracted my attention when I came across his CV. Nir is chemical engineer and holds master’s degree in organic chemistry from Weitzman Institute, he was a senior executive in a pharma giant subsidiary. Back then we were not familiar with anything and knew very little about this subject and the impression we got from all the reading was that this was a serious company and he has in-depth knowledge and he is able to help us. We decided that Nir will accompany us in this journey.

The correct words to say about Nir are that he has a vast knowledge that if it wasn’t for him, we would not know that we don’t know anything about so many things.

Nir accompanied us in the continuous process, was always updated about the patient’s condition due to the professional staff. Even prior to starting any treatment she was administered with a bone strengthening drug that was not offered to us in the consults we had in hospitals. Nir and his team have opened many therapies options for us together with an in-depth understanding what each option means. Nir has helped and did a lot (Shoshi too!) in finding the most appropriate solutions for recovery, and today we are still in the midst of this process.

Though it is uncommon to compliment a person to his face, we shall say one thing: we have seen that beyond his caring and the listening ability, Nir has a willingness to fight, relentlessly and uncompromisingly to bring forth the best and most suitable therapies out of so many combinations and options.

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Tiran Jul, 1 2018, metastatic lung cancer

When we have met Nir it was probably at a too late stage for my sister’s disease.

We referred to him so he could assist us in finding a therapy or a drug that may help my sister in fighting the cervical cancer she was afflicted with.

From the very first moment our connection was established, Nir acted very quickly and effectively, and within a few days we already received a number of results and treatment options for the disease.

We were in touch with Nir daily and at times several time a day, in conversations, and ongoing updates coming from him. It was always amazing for us and hard to believe how dedicated, committed, caring and energetic he was. He opened communication channels with doctors in Israel and abroad, accompanied each test and each therapy and demanded to be updated, in a manner that could only be deemed admirable.

Nir kept crazy hours, we would receive calls and emails from him in very strange hours full of new ideas and therapeutic pathways he has discovered in various places around the world.

Nir’s commitment went above and beyond anything we were familiar with, even above and beyond what we got from the leading physicians in Israel, to whom we have paid large sums and the doctors’ list was long… very long!

To our greatest regret my sister has succumbed to the damned disease and left us with a vast abyss, a gap that nothing in this world can fill.

On behalf of my entire family I would like to convey our appreciation and thanks to Nir for his great efforts, his care and his huge devotion.

You are a rare and extraordinary person, we love you! 

Shlomi Ben Abraham May, 16 2018, cervical cancer

I would like to recommend Nir Erez and his company TRIAL-IN Pharma. The company offers a unique and very professional services and solutions for cancer patients through analysis of the existing knowledge about the disease, the variety of possible therapies and treatments and the clinical trials in which the patient can take part. The company provides services and solutions to patients and families’ needs in their hardest moments through a very accurate and professional knowledge base and process and allowed in a little ray of sunshine and hope in confirming the treatment, receiving an experimental therapy, stopping the disease and perhaps even curing it.

When it comes to a person in my family who required this service, I can testify that the provided information, the dedicated care and the accompaniment are worth their weight in gold.

Good luck and thank you Nir

Pnina Levi Oct, 25 2017

I would like to acknowledge Nir’s caring and exceptional service.

In addition to have opened for us additional treatment options, Nir has also accompanied us in every step we took and was listening and attentive at any given time to every deliberation, with loads and loads of patience and compassion.

The mere fact that we had an expert body accompanying us professionally, caring and dedicated throughout the process, has helped us a lot and made our coping with the situation much easier.

I recommend from the bottom of my heart that every person who is fighting cancer take advantage and be assisted by TRIAL-IN’s service.

Jonathan Jun ,26 2018

It all started with a phone call to Nir,

This was a talk with lots of attentive listening, support and most important – willingness to help!

My name is Tami, mother to Alon, a 23.5 – year – old kid who became ill with testicular cancer and underwent chemotherapy treatment with a considerable improvement. Alon had to undergo several more chemotherapy cycles in order to reach full recovery, until we made a stop to it!!! We understood that the treatment they offer us with such confidence may cause much more harm than good, when just at this point Nir entered the scene in full force, vast knowledge, willingness to fight and relentless, uncompromising efforts!!

Nir found for us a large number of therapeutic options based on clinical trials from all over the world, information we would have never come across on our own if it wasn’t for him!

The important message I want to convey is that there is a warm home, yes, a warm home full of attention, vast knowledge, ability to deal with the most senior physicians, a place that fights for you. A place that helps you in achieving your goals with minimal financial expenses. But first and foremost, a person who gives you the feeling that he is here for you and will fight your battles until your goals are won.

Thank you Nir from the bottom of my heart, for who you are and what you do with your own big heart into it!!!!

I wish for every person who needs it to meet this dear person with a giant heart!!

Tammi Zamir May, 29 2018, testicular cancer

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